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  • Claire Wu

Quarantine Cooking with Blue Apron

It's been six months since I moved to New York.

It still feels unreal since I've stayed at home half of the time.

Despite how much I love cooking, I relied heavily on outdoor dining when I first moved here.

I lived in Brooklyn and it takes over 30mins for me to commute everyday. By the time I got home it would've been too late and I'd be too tired to cook.

I remember telling my friend, "wow, I finally get why you never cook."

However, eating out is expensive, so I would try to cook a whole week worth of meal on the weekends.

So I gave meal kit service a try. ) Well, I only ordered it for like 2-3 times because I wasn't crazy about the recipes I got from this other company...

I then thought, I'm only in New York for a very short period of time, why not enjoy it as much as I could? So I went back to the outdoor dining & occasional cooking life.

Then the outbreak happened, and I was home for almost 3 months.

I mainly ordered deliveries during the first month of quarantine. It was fun and satisfying for my taste buds but I knew I mustn't do this. And as the cases surges, more restaurants closed to flatten the curve. I knew this was the time for me to go back to the cooking life.

During this period I decided to give Blue Apron a try.

I generally like their recipes, and the ingredients were pretty nice.

Except for the fact that I was the one who made it and was eating this at home, it really does taste like what you'd eat in a restaurant.

I especially like their pastas & burgers.

Yes, I know you could also get a $1 burger from McDonalds and have it delivered to you fast. But I'd much prefer to have the kind of burgers you'd be able to eat in restaurants.

The patties are juicier and it has ingredients like creamy spinach (see the picture above).

The recipes are pretty easy to follow too ↓↓↓

Coming from an Asian background, most of what I cook is Asian cuisine. But as a person who enjoys cooking, I am always open to trying different recipes and using unfamiliar ingredients. I'm really glad this gave me the opportunity to explore new recipes.

One of the recipes that I loved was "creamy prosciutto & tomato pasta"

Usually when I cook pasta I keep it simple — some meat, some vegetables mixing with already made pasta sauce

Ingredients like prosciutto or capers aren't on my regular grocery list.

But I loved that this gave me the chance to make something delicious out of it.

Another thing I love about Blue Apron is that I don't have to be committed to the condiments, do you know what I mean?

You usually only need at most 1 or 2 spoons of it per dish. But this would've been a waste if you buy it to fulfill your one time craving.

You'll probably only use it once or twice before it stays in the fridge for as long as it would be.

The amount enough for 2 servings is perfect.

Yes these are some fantastic recipes, but just like how you won't eat out everyday, you're bound to cook something lighter to balance it out.

I personally think most of these recipes are quite heavy. (especially so when you're not moving around as much during quarantine) I found myself needing to take breaks between meals or days before I'd want to eat it again.

Also, with the portion it offers it's enough for me to eat for the entire week.

All in all, I would keep the subscription with Blue Apron but will only order it when I wanted to make and eat dishes with restaurant quality.


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