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  • Claire Wu

Karazishi Botan

The ramen master from the well-known ramen brand Ippudo, Fumihiro (Foo) Kanegae, opened a new ramen diner in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Don’t be fooled by the cozy izakaya-style interior, this is not the conventional ramen joint that you’re expecting. Taking his experience from Ippudo and techniques he learned over the years, Chef Kanegae has experimented with different menu items which resulted in varied inimitable ramens and side dishes.

You could tell how creative of a person chef Kanegae is just by looking at the description of the menu. Ti Amo is a rather refreshing ramen that features a silky chicken, oyster, and fresh lemon broth with chicken chashu, mashed potato, and a piece of crispy bacon.

Botan Pork Spare Ribs, soy-braised pork ribs with balsamic sauce and spices, is also highly recommended to order with Ti Amo as the customers may mix the ramen into its spice, further bring this ramen to the next level. Other side dishes such as Escar Dogs and Botan Wings are a must-try as well!

A wide selection of Japanese sake is also available to match the dishes. If you’re looking to grab dinner somewhere away from the busy city scenes after work, this relaxing ramen diner surely is the place to go.

Karazishi Botan 唐獅子牡丹 

Address:255 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

TEL:(347) 763-115


Mon-Sun 17:00-22:30

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