Hi! My name is Claire! I am a foodie based in New York, Boston (and beyond!) who share and write out my honest opinions of the restaurants and the dishes I've tried. 
I have always been a picky eater (seriously, ask my family, I had a very distinct taste when I was little), except back then I didn't appreciate the tastes of food as much as I do now. Under the influence of my parents, who are also foodies, I became more open to try new things and have learned to appreciate their tastes as I grew older. 
Since I've left Taiwan, having been able to live/travel to different countries and tried all kinds of world cuisines, I was able to taste and distinguish a dish's authenticity and uniqueness of one. 
Today, if you look at my Google Map, it is covered with the green "saved" label as I am always in search of restaurants that I would like to try. And when I do, (and maybe if I have stronger opinions on it), I will share my thoughts with you here on this blog.




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